Kite surf

Ceara is one of the places on earth where it is really good to do kitesurf. There is a strong wind always coming from the best direction (east-southeast). Regular wind speed is around 4 and 5 Beaufort and very often up to 6, 7 and even 8 Beaufort. There is possibility to kitesurf on the sea but also on different lagoons. There are several lagoons not so far away from Icarai. The nearest by is about 5 minutes by car.


Tourism in Ceara can be split up in 4 parts, namely East Coast, Fortaleza, West Coast and the Interior. Icarai is situated on the West Coast.
We can always advise you when you like to visit touristic places.
Here are some hotspots to get you in the right atmosphere. The easiest ways to get a good image and to find what you want is to open Google Maps.

On the map you can click on one of the places mentioned below and in no time you can make a tour in the region. If you increase the map you will be able to see more places.


Caucaia, Cumbuco, Taiba, Paracuru, Guajiru, Flecheiras, Emboaca, etc. up to Jericoacoara.


If you click on the name Fortaleza you will get a lot of beautiful photographs of the city and its wonderful beaches; the following links will tell you some more about the places of worth seeing in the city.


East coast

The first place that you will encounter if you are going from Fortaleza to the southeast is Praia de Futuro, first increasing the map. A lot of barracas with good food and a lot of live music, it is almost always party time, especially in the weekends.

Beach Park is one of the most beautiful water parks in South America.

Further on you will find some more beautiful places like Praia de Morro Branco, Monumento Natural das Falésias and Canoa Quebrada. These places are really worth visiting.
There are a lot more beautiful and lonely beaches where you can stay all day long on your own and enjoy the beach, the sun and the blue sky.
For the people who like diving, off the coast of Fortaleza there is the Parque Estadual Marinho da Pedra de Risca do Meio.

The Interior

The interior of Ceara is quite hilly up to mountainous. The highest peak, the Pico Cabeça Branco in the Serras das Matas, is 1.159 m high and is situated at about 250 km of Icarai.
More closely you have Guaramirange, also called garden or flower city. This is one of the most beautiful and quiet places in the region and so different than the costal region. It is located at approximately 100 km from Icarai. Guaramiranga is located at 850 m altitude, making the climate a lot milder.

Carnival is a very import thing in Brazil but in Guaramiranga they organize a Blues and Jazz Festival that day with quite a lot of foreign musicians. With Google Maps you can also take a closer look in this region.

If you want to taste from the real and hard live inside the country we can arrange a trip were you could stay whole day with a local family and see and experience how they manage their lives.

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The Climate

The climate in Ceara can be resumed in 2 seasons. We have a dry season from July to the beginning of February and a rainy season from the beginning of March until the end of June.

As we are located on about 3° below the Equator we are liable to the Intertropical Convergence zone and also to the trade winds that blow from the east-southeast. The temperature is quite high but never sultry, the heat is very well bearable.
During the dry season we have maximum temperatures between 30 and 35° C, although the constant strong wind gives the impression that the temperature is much lower, that’s why the heat is very endurable. The minimum temperature will never be lower than 26° C. During the dry season rain is almost nil. Ceara belongs to one of the driest states of Brazil.

The maximum temperature during the wet season is lower, something between 28° and 32° C; there is less wind than in the dry season. The minimum temperature is between 24° and 26° C. It ‘s raining mostly during the night but not always every day. The rain showers are sometimes very fierce with a lot of rain in a short time. Most of the time it’s only raining during the second part of the night, during the day it is usually sunny to cloudy. Sometimes it can happen that the rain keeps falling gently up to midday but this is rather rare.

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