The rooms

The prices of the rooms are including breakfast.

Room “Jennifer”: price per night 170 R$ for 2 persons en 150 R$ for 1 person.

Rooms “Annea” and “Jolie”: price per night 160 R$ for 2 persons and 140 R$ for 1 person.

When booking more than 5 nights we will give a discount of 10%.

Basically there can stay only 2 persons per room. However we can make an exception for families with one child, so that the child can sleep in the same room as the parents. In this case we will charge only a supplement of 20 R$/night for the breakfast.

For children younger than 6 years no supplement will be charged.


Supper: 25 R$
Barbecue: custom price


Beer, can 350 ml: 4 R$
Mineral water, bottle 500 ml: 2 R$
Soft drinks can 350 ml: 4 R$
Glass of wine, Argentinian, Chilean or Brazilian: 8 R$
Glass of wine, Italian: 12 R$
Caipirinha: 8 R$
Other cocktails: 10 R$


Transport from or to the airport: 95 R$/ride

There is no POS terminal in our B & B you can only pay cash. But in Icarai there are several cash terminals with Visa, Maestro or Master Card. We can also put you in contact with a currency exchange office with a favourable exchange rate.
You can also pay by bank transfer to our bank account in Belgium or in Brazil. The payment modalities will be discussed at the time of booking.

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