There is a total ban on smoking inside the house, including the covered terrace. Beyond, smoking is allowed on condition that this does not bother the non-smokers. We ourselves are non-smokers as well.
Something quite important to know is that for the surveillance and the security in our B & B we are counting on a certain, named Jolie.

Jolie, our dog, is a female Rottweiler. We are quite sure that the name Rottweiler will scare a lot of people especially those who are not familiar with Rottweiler’s or with dogs in general. But we can assure you, Jolie is not at all what some might think about Rottweiler’s. This is mainly because of the fact that we have socialized her very well. She came with us when she was 10 weeks old and she is considered somehow as if she is our daughter. She is very intelligent and she knows very well what a family means and is defending this in a very enthusiastic way. She is not aggressive at all, also not in relation to other animals. She will be a little bit reserved at the first contact but once she will notice that we accept someone on our and also her territory she will accept that person as well and afterwards she will act very enthusiastic but gently.

She is crazy about children and she always wants them to play with her. She is watching conscientiously over her territory and its residents and that is the most important thing.
However if you are really terrified about dogs it could definitely be worth to think a moment about things. We only can assure you by telling you that we have had already many people that have visit our place and also children whom flinched by seeing Jolie at the first moment but afterwards left the place as big friends of our Rottweiler. The photographs will convince you.

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At the time of booking we will give you some instructions and directions that will make sure that the first contact with Jolie will be perfect so that afterwards everything will be hand and gloves between you and our dog. We are sure that you will keep nice memories of her.
Given the presence of Jolie, even though she is very tolerant in relation to other dogs, we can only accept under certain conditions, that guests might bring their own dog. These terms will be discussed at the booking. Other pets than dogs we cannot accept.