All our rooms are provided with sanitary facilities according to European standard, hygiene and cleanliness are very important to us. We have a solar water heater for the production of the hot water so you can enjoy a nice hot shower to rinse all that sand, salt and sweat of you, ..... something that in Ceara is not always evident.

In every room there is air conditioning, TV with satellite connection with HD quality and Internet with Wi-Fi.

The rooms


The room called “Jennifer“ is situated on the ground floor and is the most spacious room of the three. There is a separated bathroom with shower and a sink and also a separated toilet. Our central ventilation unit also ventilates this room.

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Annea en Jolie

The rooms called “Annea” and “Jolie” on the first floor are identical rooms, accessible along the internal staircase and a corridor. From this corridor you can also access to a small roof terrace where in the late afternoon you can enjoy the beautiful sunset behind the hills.
These rooms have both a separate bathroom with shower, a sink, a toilet and mechanical ventilation in the bathroom.

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Kitchen, covered terrace and living room

Our kitchen and our living room are giving direct access to the covered and well-ventilated terrace through a large sliding window; here we take all our meals. After having supper you can stay there a little longer and have a chat with a drink and some good music. Or you can stay a while in our living room to watch some TV with us.

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Swimming pool

The swimming pool is 9 by 5 meter with an equal depth of 1,60 m. A stairway gives a safe access to the swimming pool and also the opportunity to little children and non-swimmers to stay in the water. This stairway is also often used as a sitting area to have a drink and a chat.

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Parking area

There is room for 6 cars on our parking area, which is located inside the fencing wall.

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